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This site has been created as a place where British Columbians with an interest in radio-controlled flight can come to share their experiences, opinions, photos, videos and ideas.

Latest News:

We are now flying at Royal Roads University. There are usually at least a few of us there every weekend morning until around 11am or until the wind picks up. We are sometimes there quite early, especially in the summer months.

 Ultimate Biplane Kit  

In our Photo Gallery you'll find in-flight photos, hangar photos, and detailed building reports of some of our planes. Please feel free to register as a new user and set up a few albums of your own, where you can add photos and descriptions detailing each of your favourite aircraft, as well as any experiments in flight.

 A multitude of planes at the field  
In the Public Forums you can post your thoughts and ideas on various topics relating to radio controlled flight, including tips for building out of foam and wood, finding out what local fields are popular areas to fly, discussing various aerobatic manouvres, and buying, selling and trading planes and other gear.
Registering for the forums and gallery are now integrated, so you only have to register once and you'll be logged in to post in the forums as well as upload your photos to the gallery.

We advocate learning to fly in a safe and controlled manner. This includes keeping your aircraft within your field of vision at all times, and avoiding flying over yourself or other pilots or spectators. Obtain proper flight training, licences and insurance when flying aircraft that are capable of damaging property or injuring people or animals. And have fun safely exploring the joys of radio controlled flight.

Thanks for visiting this site; it's our hope that you'll find it enjoyable and useful.

We do not profess to be experts, or claim this website to be an authority on flying or building radio controlled aircraft. We are just a bunch of friends who enjoy building, flying, photographing and writing about the aircraft we fly.

The information on this website is presented to you "as is" and we accept no responsiblity for any direct, indirect, punitive, or consequential damages arising out of, or in any way connected with the use of this website or use of the information contained within.


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